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Parent Testimonials

As we look forward to Salty’s(MWS 2009) graduation from Vermont Academy (as class valedictorian!) I am reminded how incredibly fortunate he is to have been at MWS and with Maggie Myers. Over the past four years, his teachers have repeatedly commented on his work ethic, his presence and engagement in class, and his obvious joy in learning.These are some of the same qualities you talked about when we first met so many years ago. You were right! And now we know the reality means so much more than we could have envisioned. I can’t imagine a better foundation for him (or anyone) as he moves forward toward college and beyond.
Sally Pennington & Billy Fitzgerald

It is with humility and gratitude that we write this letter of acknowledgement to the teachers, faculty and leadership of the Monadnock Waldorf School. Eight years ago, MWS interviewed and accepted our son into the fifth grade class. I must admit that I had my doubts about this new environment; however, I tried my best to listen and observe as this school began to reshape this still pliable ball of clay. Through the love and caring displayed by Maggie Meyers and others, Joshua Hayden left the school a different boy. Josh has since moved on to Northfield Mount Hermon School, which has built upon the Steiner foundation and allowed Josh to grow into a fine young man. These past two weeks have been testimony to all of his teachers and guides as he was recently accepted into the Cum Laude Society, a national honor society with a chapter at NMH. As a capstone, this week, Josh was asked to join the class of 2017 at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut. These accomplishments acknowledge the hard work and dedication that Josh has put forth. However, more than anything these honors recognize the value of the excellent education provided by the Monadnock Waldorf School.
Gloria and Nelson Hayden

Our children received an education at MWS that was academically excellent and so much more…Waldorf’s developmental approach meant that at each stage of their education the subject matter was just what they were ready to learn, and often, excited about encountering. As a result, they truly absorbed and retained it. They left MWS with an authentic love of learning that continues today and the confidence to meet the challenges that will come their way.
Mark and Kathy Gross
Parents of Charlotte MWS 2008, Northfield Mount Hermon School 2012, and Dartmouth College 2016 and
Kevin Gross MWS 2011, and Northfield Mount Hermon School 2015

Monadnock Waldorf education augments excellent academics with social and life skills in a challenging yet nurturing environment. The school's teaching of what experts call "the three C's" - critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, and collaboration – prepares children to succeed in tomorrow's world.
Jeff Miller and Carol MacKinnon, parents of two MWS students 

Lilly feels safe and loved and upheld at MWS. Her desire to learn is intense…MWS takes in the whole picture of the child and how she relates to the world around her. At MWS you are appreciated and EMBRACED!
Heather Harada, mother of a 3rd grade student

At Monadnock Waldorf School, the curriculum is deliberately woven to create an intricate tapestry of academic rigor, artistic exploration, and rich experiences designed for the child to encounter his/her own place in today’s busy world. Children are engaged in a way that brings learning alive; making it real, accessible, and relevant to their lives.
Mary Veerkamp, mother of a 4th grade student

Our experience so far has been wonderful, and Kierstin loves the High School. I don’t think many parents of teenagers get to hear what we hear on a regular basis: “Thank you so much for sending me to this school” and (even more shocking): “I can’t wait for Monday!” We feel so fortunate to have her at MWHS.
Tina Hedin, mother of a 9th grade student

When my husband and I made the decision to have our daughter attend Monadnock Waldorf School we did so with multiple years of experience between us as public school educators. All children will learn – we wanted our daughter to have an educational experience that would follow her into adulthood by helping to shape her “whole person.” Quite simply, we wanted her to have an experience that will allow her to grow into an adult who has learned to love, respect and embrace the beauty in the world, the gifts in all people and to contribute those gifts within herself to benefit others. We believe that Monadnock Waldorf School is the place that has and will continue to provide that level of educational nurturance.
Meg Beauchamp, parent of a 2nd grade student

What we most value about Emma’s education experience at the Monadnock Waldorf Nursery-Kindergarten:

  • Teachers are kind and considerate of all individuals and families
  • Students have a lot of contact with the natural world/environment
  • Students eat nutritious snacks
  • Rituals, songs, and stories
  • Class size
  • Opportunities for parents to learn, craft, and socialize
  • Regular communication between school and home
  • Ease of play with self and others

Peter & Theresa Majoy, parents of a student at the Nursery-Kindergarten